welcomes LP Matan Talmi [founder,] welcomes LP Matan Talmi [founder,]
Matan Talmi, co-founder/CEO, Nashville-based

After co-founding Drippler, a personalized tech assistant that was acquired by Asurion, Matan recognized that the pandemic was going to change the workplace forever. In 2021, he founded (YC '22). A few words about his journey:

My founder story

After joining Asurion through the acquisition of my previous startup, Drippler, I was put in charge of a new product line. Being a startup guy, I brought my startup mindset and challenged my team to operate like a startup inside a big enterprise. We were able to move fast and reach great outcomes. When the pandemic started, I got excited about the opportunity to reimagine how teams operate in the remote era. It became apparent that this shift was not short-term and that the workplace was profoundly changing. I saw an opportunity to be part of it in area I know a little something about – software development – and decided to build to help teams reach better outcomes.

An example of acting deftly

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to optimizing development team performance. Early on, we had to decide where to start, and decided to focus on helping teams run more effective daily standups. Daily standups are at the foundation of a good sprint and helping teams better manage their work day to day proved to be a great first step towards improving overall team performance.

Why I joined the community

As a founder, the best support comes from savvy investors and experienced founders. I've experienced Arie's dedication to helping his startups firsthand and believe that combining that with a community of founder LPs is a recipe for success!

Excited to have your backing. Welcome aboard Matan!

"by founders, for founders"

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