welcomes Elements to its portfolio [+ why we invested] welcomes Elements to its portfolio [+ why we invested]
Edo Perry and Eldar Solomon, co-founders of CA-based Elements

Elements uses seamless data integrations to corporate systems and advanced analytics to help companies: reduce operational costs & emissions; reach their net zero targets; and stay in compliance with emerging regulations (eg, CSRD & SB253). It aligns with our views on the "efficiency economy". is delighted to be an investor in Element's pre-seed round, supporting Edo Perry and Eldar Solomon as they build a modern-day SaaS climatech platform that accurately measures and reduces Scope 3 corporate carbon emissions attributed to employees from business travel, commuting, and work-from-home energy usage.

Founder/market fit

Edo's decade-long journey in climate, coupled with his experience at Apple and his service as an officer in the Israel Intelligence Division, has equipped him with a unique perspective on international environmental initiatives and the importance of sustainable practices that can drive cost savings and ROI for companies. Edo has founded many climatech communities throughout his career and has always been active in pushing the ecosystem forward.

Eldar brings with him vast experience in software engineering, serving in the top cyber unit in the Israel Intelligence Division as a cyber specialist, team leader and project manager and working previously in several software companies. Eldar has also founded and participated in non-profit organizations in the climate sector.

Elements is a natural culmination of their experiences, aiming to tackle Scope 3 emissions through actionable, technology-driven solutions that benefit both employers and employees, aligning perfectly with their vision for a more sustainable future.

Unique proposition: Hybrid workplace meets Climate

Elements stands out in the climatech landscape by offering an innovative approach to managing scope 3 emissions - ie, emissions that are the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organization but that the organization indirectly affects in its value chain - which are often the most challenging and overlooked aspect of corporate sustainability efforts. Elements ingests key data points to not only measure these emissions accurately but also to provide actionable solutions tailored to each company & employee’s unique profile. This enables businesses to make more informed decisions and implement effective strategies for reducing their employees emissions all while creating value for the workforce.

Additionally, Elements fosters a community of forward-thinking companies and employees, promoting a culture of sustainability. By prioritizing efficiency and productivity, Elements ensures that environmental goals are aligned with business objectives, creating a win-win situation that propels both corporate and sustainability forward.


Edo and Eldar believe that every company in the next 5 years will have to implement sustainable practices into the core functions of their business if they want to stay relevant, in a similar manner that AI is becoming "table stakes" for all enterprises today. Elements aspires to set the standard for corporations worldwide as regulations tighten and more companies have to disclose their emissions and strive to reach net zero. There is also a growing bottom-up pressure from the workforce as Gen Z & millennials - who are increasingly vocal about companies acting on climate issues - make up a larger percentage of the workforce (eg, they now comprise more than 50% of employees at tech companies).

If you'd like to learn more about Elements, feel free to reach out to or directly to

"by founders, for founders"

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