welcomes Zoma to its portfolio [+ why we invested] welcomes Zoma to its portfolio [+ why we invested]
Shachar Kaufman, Batel Shoval, co-founders, Zoma Ltd.

Zoma leverages AI to help sales and professional services teams scope out and better price services projects to close more profitable sales. It has helped clients, most of of them SaaS companies with professional services arms, reduce sales cycles by as much as 80% and improve sales conversion to 20%. It aligns with our views on the "efficiency economy". is thrilled to be an investor in Zoma's pre-seed round, supporting Shachar Kaufman and Batel Shoval as they carve out their presence in a $10B market – more than an astounding 70% of SaaS companies provide professional services offerings – by gleaning actionable intelligence from existing historical sales data inside the enterprise.  

Founder/market fit

Shachar & Batel have collectively spearheaded sales and development teams in professional services enterprises for more than two decades. They have personally encountered the challenges of manual, labor-intensive sales processes which have included creating complex estimates and quotes using error-prone legacy tools like Excel, a method that often overlooked the importance of historical data, hampering their ability to learn from past projects and successful sales proposals that could be leveraged to win new business.

In response to the increasing complexity of the professional services environment, they realized the necessity for an agile approach to project scoping and estimation. Driven by this need, they embarked on a mission to simplify work life through an innovative AI platform. Their journey at Zoma is about transforming these challenges into opportunities, making the sales process more efficient and effective through an advanced, data-driven approach

Unique proposition

ZOMA’s "Scoping Intelligence" platform changes the way professional services companies sell by leveraging existing company knowledge and automating a variety of processes that are done manually today. The platform combines science, automation and AI to make the scoping process smarter and more agile. Zoma makes it easy for sales teams to tap into collective team knowledge, utilize historical data, collaborate effectively and automate manual tasks.

Not only can sales teams produce more accurate project estimates faster,  they train the system to produce smarter quotes each time –turning pre-sales from a tactical into a sustainable enterprise growth engine, driving more sales.
With Zoma, professional services teams now have a smarter way to scope, quote and produce an SOW. Users no longer need to rely on static information or spreadsheets, leading to quicker and more intelligent scoping, higher and higher probabilities of customer wins.


Zoma's vision is to become the go-to sales platform for Service organizations. The industry gold standard.

If you'd like to learn more about Zoma, feel free to reach out to or directly to

"by founders, for founders"

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